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Inside the Human Body - The Respiratory System

Respiratory System

Respiratory System

Why do we breathe? What is breathing all about anyway? Why do we need to do it? The answers to these questions are only one click away!

You already know that humans use lungs to get oxygen, but do you know how other living things get their oxygen? Click on the different organisms below to see how the different living things on Earth are able to get the oxygen they need.

The Anatomy of Your Respiratory System Your lungs give you the oxygen you need to live. Learn about the many parts that make up your lungs.

The Amazeing Game Our lungs are full of little places for air to go. Print this maze and see if you can find your way through the maze made by our lungs.

Join the Lung Team Be a part of the lung team by solving a mystery that has been plaguing Professair and his pals.

Word Search - Break Free Can you find all the words in this word search? We've been sneaky and put some secret words in for you to find.

How We Breathe Learn how we breathe and the different parts of our respiratory system.

Major Body Organs Unscramble the letters to discover the major body organs.

Word Search More word searches than you can shake your cilia at. Do them right here on your computer.

Guesswork Just for fun. See if you can guess the secret color combination to keep this strange machine working.

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