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Children & asthma

If you're the parent of a child with asthma, you probably have many questions. Use our site to learn about the basics, and then see a Certified Asthma Educator or Certified Respiratory Educator to find out more about managing your child's asthma.

If your child has asthma
Tell family members, caregivers and school staff about your child's asthma

Make sure that your child's teachers, her school principal and staff, her caregivers, her grandparents, and anyone else who takes care of your child knows all about her asthma and understands what to do in an emergency. Read more about asthma at school.

Make sure your child's caregivers and teachers..

Your child's caregivers may notice asthma symptoms that you haven't seen yourself. Or the caregiver may see your child hesitating to participate in games and sports because of her asthma. Both of these can be signs that your child's asthma is out of control.

Speak regularly with your child's teacher and caregivers to check if they notice anything different about her asthma symptoms. Read more about asthma at school.

Asthma camps are a great place for kids and teens with asthma to have fun, meet friends, and learn about how to manage their asthma symptoms. Find out about asthma camps in Canada.

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