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About BreathWorks

BreathWorks: Help for People with COPD

BreathWorks is the Lung Association's national COPD program. We offer practical information and support for people with COPD and for their families and caregivers. If you think you might have COPD, if you know you have it, or if you know someone who has it - BreathWorks can help.

In addition to the information on this website, we offer a free, confidential helpline and free fact sheets and brochures.

Free Breathworks COPD Helpline 1-866-717-COPD (2673)

The BreathWorks Helpline is a free, confidential COPD information service offered by The Lung Association. The Helpline is staffed by health care professionals with special training in COPD. We can answer your questions on COPD symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and more. If you call between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, you can speak directly with a COPD educator. You can also leave us a message 24 hours a day, and we'll call you back. Call the BreathWorks Helpline: 1-866-717-COPD (2673).

Please note: The BreathWorks phone number works only within Canada.

Free fact sheets and other resources on living with COPD

There three ways you can get our fact sheets and resources:

  • Download them right now, by clicking on the name of the fact sheet(s), below
  • Order COPD fact sheets online, and we’ll mail them to you by postal mail
  • Order COPD fact sheets by phone, and we’ll mail them to you by postal mail - Call the BreathWorks helpline at 1-866-717-2673 to order your print copies of fact sheets or other material. Please note, this toll-free line works only in Canada.

Please note: Due to funding limitations, we can only mail items within Canada.

BreathWorks fact sheets and brochures about COPD

BreathWorks Plan Guide (PDF) - 40 pages. Explains what COPD is, and lists the symptoms. Tells how to slow down your COPD, how to treat it, and how to manage your symptoms.

Medicines for COPD (PDF) - 8 pages. Talks about the main medicines that treat COPD symptoms, and explains how to use them.

Oxygen therapy for COPD (PDF) - 8 pages. Explains that oxygen is right for certain COPD patients. Talks about oxygen tanks, nasal prongs, and other oxygen equipment. Answers common questions about oxygen. Includes tips on using oxygen safely.

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PDF) – 4 pages. Explains how this special exercise and disease management program helps people with COPD. Talks about different kinds of pulmonary rehabilitation programs.

Managing COPD – includes a COPD action plan (PDF) – 6 pages. Explains how to manage your COPD and treat your symptoms. Talks about how to avoid flare-ups and what to do if you get flare-up. Includes a COPD action plan, a form your doctor fills out to give you personalized instructions. This action plan tells you how to change your treatment depending on your symptoms, and when to get help.

How to avoid feeling tired : managing your energy with COPD (PDF) - 4 pages. Gives practical advice on how to pace yourself and plan your activities so you don’t run out of energy. Explains simpler ways of doing everyday chores.

What to do if you are out of breath: breathlessness and COPD (PDF) - 4 pages. Tells how you can catch your breath if you feel breathless. Explains how to do pursed lip and diaphragmatic breathing. Shows pictures of body positions that make it easier to breathe.

Exercise and COPD (PDF) - 16 pages. Explains why exercise is important for people with COPD. Tells how to start your exercise program gently. Tells about stretches and exercises that help people with COPD, and includes pictures of people demonstrating each exercise.

BreathWorks poster 11X17

BreathWorks poster, 11 x 17

COPD brochure(PDF) - A trifold brochure

BreathWorks Package: This package includes fact sheets, a brochure, the 40-page BreathWorks Plan guide, a poster, and an order form.