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Quit smoking e-cards

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E-cards to invite someone to quit smoking with you

The catch of the day is quitting smoking. let's reel it in together. Take the plunge with me. Let's quit smoking together.
Did you hear? Quitting smoking is contagious. Let's quit together. Love your lungs!.

E-cards to encourage people to quit and stay quit

Congratulations on quitting smoking! Congratulations on quitting smoking!
Hang in there. You can quit smoking. I know you can. Brighten my day. Please consider quitting smoking.
Ever thought about quitting smoking? I think you can do it. You quit smoking? You rock.

E-cards to tell your friends and family that you’re quitting smoking

I pledge to quit on ... My goal? To quit smoking. I pledge to quit on ...
I took a big leap. I quit smoking on ...  

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