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Marilyn Reddy

32 years of dedication: Marilyn Reddy

Marilyn Reddy is a long-time volunteer for the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  Recently the former occupational health nurse stepped down after serving 32 years as a volunteer board member.

“Working with this amazing organization brought me much pleasure and pride as I witnessed an organization that truly cared and worked tirelessly to help people have healthy lungs.  Many programs and services were developed over the years that helped meet that goal,” says Marilyn.

“My initial contact was with the former Saskatchewan Anti-Tuberculosis League in 1977 when I was a start-up occupational health nurse with the former Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. Grain dust in the elevators at that time was a serious respiratory health risk. Labour Canada had legislated a lung health survey (questionnaire, spirometry, and chest x-ray) for all workers in this field and The Anti –TB League (as the Lung Association was then called) was contracted to provide this service.

Marilyn Reddy

“We provided a broad focus on healthy lifestyles, respiratory protection, safety and disease awareness and prevention.  We included spirometry, blood pressure, weight and BMI and we had a wonderful supply of literature from the Lung Association.  My budget allowed me to pay for smoking cessation programs and, when successful, I would send a congratulatory letter, and a SMOKEBUSTER t-shirt that I purchased at cost from the creative folks at the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  Smoking rates dropped significantly and I owe much of my success as an Occupational Health Nurse to the Lung Association.

“In 1982, I was invited to join the board of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  As a board member, I have witnessed the evolution of The Lung Association over many years.  It has grown from a single focus of TB control and treatment programs to an organization that continues to reinvent itself in order to provide more and better programs and services for lung health. 

“Dr. Brian Graham (CEO of the Lung Association of Saskatchewan) and staff have shown exceptional leadership and wisdom that has resulted in many programs and creative resource materials being utilized nationally and internationally. Serving on this Board of Directors has been an exceptionally rewarding experience.”

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