Breathing: the greatest thing for hipsters since return of vinyl

By Marketa Stastna on 2016-08-19

Breathing is not merely a life-sustaining process that powers the body and brain. For hipsters everywhere, this process is the most valuable of life functions altogether because the various elements make them who they are.

Many of the benefits might be too obscure even for true hipsters to spot, but The Lung Association is here to help shed light on the benefits of breathing in the life of a hipster.

The Nose

Many might see the nose as simply the filtration system that allows inhaled air to enter the lungs. While the nose’s ability to filter out polluting particles and warm the air as it enters the lungs might be benefit enough, for hipsters, this protruding body part holds an altogether different appeal. It provides a perfect holder for Henry Kissinger style of glasses.

The Nose – part 2

Not only does the nose allow for filtered, warm air to enter the lungs, the nose allows for your sense of smell to function. While this is an important sense for anyone, for hipsters, it’s even more so. After all, it is what allows all hipsters to differentiate between the various artisanal cheeses.

Deep breaths

Deep breaths – or controlled breathing – have been proven to help reduce stress. This is because controlled breathing releases endorphins and enkephalins into the system, which are calming to the body. This is great news for hipsters, because pop-up yoga classes and meditation opportunities provide them with a great platform to practice these powerful deep breaths.

The Neck

The neck provides a casing for key elements of the respiratory system. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this valuable highway must be kept protected. Keeping the neck warm is one way to achieve that. This is, once again, a great opportunity for hipsters to sport their latest scarf fashions. Winter or summer: scarves are always in when you’re a hipster.

Growing a beard can also keep your neck warm, while further strengthening your position in the hipster community.

The Larynx

The voice box needs the power of the air to let out a sound. Each breath gives you the opportunity to laugh, talk, sing and shout. While this is a valuable asset for anyone, it is particularly important tool for hipsters who want to sing you a verse from an obscure song of an obscure band that you haven’t even heard of yet.

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