Dancing her way to a smoke-free life: Charmaine’s Story

By Tess Morgan on 2016-08-17

At QuitNow, we highlight the importance of the 4 D’s – drinking water, deep breathing, distracting yourself, and delaying to help combat cravings. Charmaine from Kamloops used distraction – in the form of freestyle dance. This is her story.

On August 1, 2012, Charmaine decided to quit smoking for good. Simple tasks like climbing stairs or swimming were becoming harder for her, and she sensed that lung disease was a very real threat. In preparation for what she knew could be a difficult journey, Charmaine immersed herself in YouTube videos about quitting smoking and came to terms with her mental state going into the process. She found that by repeating “I am a non-smoker” as one video had suggested, she was able to reshape her thought process surrounding smoking.

When Charmaine’s quit date arrived, she began doing two hours of freestyle dance every morning, replacing the urge to smoke with a desire to move. In addition to dancing, she spent time with her grandson and found alternative ways to keep her mind busy and free of cravings.

Four years later, Charmaine is still smoke-free. Cigarettes have finally released the hold they once had on her.

“If I can’t have power over cigarettes, I will not have power over anything in my life,” said Charmaine. “Good luck to everyone quitting, and never quit quitting until you get the results you want!”

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