Life as a Quit Coach: Christine’s Story

By Tess Morgan on 2016-09-16

Every time you call the QuitNow phone line, type a question into Live Chat or even interact on Facebook a qualified Quit Coach is there to help you, support your quit, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Christine is one of those Coaches.

Christine’s story

With a background in sociology and child psychology, Christine cares deeply about how people think and feel. Using a combination of strategy, intuition, and exemplary listening skills, she is able to support others in their decision to quit smoking by quickly identifying the best solution for their unique needs. Though a skilled Quit Coach, smoking cessation isn’t just an occupational interest for Christine; her grandmother passed away from lung cancer, touching her on a personal level and motivating her to help others.

A Day in the Life

Many of the people who call Christine have been influenced to quit for health reasons, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a death in the family, or breath test results that wake them up to the risks of their addiction. Many callers put themselves down and need someone to pick them up with kind words or a supportive conversation. Other times, they’re just looking for a quick fix. Whatever the situation may be, Christine is there to listen and help in any way possible.

Of all the people she’s spoken with, one woman stands out to Christine – a returning client who has worked her way down from 40 cigarettes a day to ten. A victim of depression, cigarettes have been her friend through thick and thin, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t quite seem to get unstuck. “She hasn’t been able to quit completely,” Christine says. “But she tries so hard, I’m glad I can provide support.”

Christine’s Quit Tip: Drink water with a straw to keep your mouth busy.

To speak with a QuitCoach like Christine or learn more about the programs that QuitNow offers, visit or call 1-877-455-2233.

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