Life as a Quit Coach: Melissa’s Story

By Tess Morgan on 2016-09-07

Every time you call the QuitNow phone line, type a question into Live Chat or even interact on Facebook, an amazing, qualified Quit Coach is there to help you, support your quit, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Melissa is one of those Coaches.

Melissa’s Story

Melissa has four years Quit Coach experience under her belt and it shows. A certified addictions counsellor with a psychology background, her eclectic mix of humour, superb listening skills, and poignant questions puts her in the perfect position to help clients as they start or maintain their quit. Melissa wasn’t always the expert she is today, though. After working for some time in restaurants and bars where alcohol abuse was rampant, she felt inspired to seek out a career in counselling, which quickly led her down the road to her work with QuitNow.

A Day in the Life

When Melissa receives a call, she makes sure to treat each client as an individual and solve their problems accordingly. Many callers have just been diagnosed with an illness or are feeling the financial burden that smoking has had on them. Others feel pressure to fit in with modern society’s values and morals. “One woman mentioned a mom with her baby carriage who almost ran herself into traffic to avoid her secondhand smoke” she said. Whatever the circumstance,  Melissa will brainstorm to come up with the right plan for each and every person.

One of the things that Melissa really loves about her job? The chance to share accomplishments with her clients, who call in regularly to relay exciting steps forward in their journey.

Melissa’s QuitTip: Delay. Cravings are mental after a few days. They will pass.

To speak with a QuitCoach like Melissa or learn more about the programs that QuitNow offers, visit or call 1-877-455-2233.

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