The long drive home: Fern’s Story

By Carlynn Ferguson-King on 2016-08-30

After 35 years of smoking, Fern made the commitment to quit smoking for good. Motivated by health issues, including a bad heart, she knew that she had to curb her addiction if she wanted to live a long and healthy life.

“l am so proud of my husband and l for doing the best thing for our lives and our health,” Fern said. “It’s been over eight years and l am still smoke-free! My life has never been better, the taste of food is incredible, l can breathe, my heart is better for it, and I no longer smell like a cigarette.”

So how did she do it? After visiting Ontario, Fern vowed to last the entire five-day car trip back to Vancouver Island without smoking. “I used a stir stick or a straw to fight cravings and drove ten hour days without touching a single cigarette,” Fern says. “I also used laser treatment, which contributed to my success.” With the support of her husband quitting alongside her, she has been smoke-free ever since.

If Fern can quit smoking, you can too! We’re always here to support you, so reach out to us at and we’ll help create a plan that’s right for you.

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