My Experience With Lung Cancer – Part 6: When things are hard

By Terry on 2015-03-06

March 6, 2015: The last month has been the hardest so far. The cancer progressed despite the new treatment, and that led to a fracture of my spine with back pain that kept me in bed for weeks. I had surgery to stabilize the back two weeks ago and finally feel that I am starting to get some strength and mobility back. And I will be starting a new chemotherapy today.

It has been almost impossible to keep up any kind of morale, but again it is the support of family and friends that keeps me going. And, even though it is a cliché, remembering that each day is a treasure.

I am lucky enough to be recovering from this event, and to have another treatment option, at least for now. But whatever denial I have been using up to now was severely challenged, and I think I have become a little more realistic about all of this.

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