Stronger than before: Ken’s Story

By Tess Morgan on 2016-09-02

Before he made the decision to quit, Ken had been a steadfast smoker since the tender age of five. Having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and chronic depression, he knew at age 39 that a change was necessary to improve both his physical and mental health. By using nicotine replacement therapy such as the patch and gum, drinking water and avoiding known triggers, Ken slowly but surely weaned himself off cigarettes. After six months of trying, he knew he could finally stop smoking for good.

Since quitting, Ken has seen a dramatic improvement in his overall well being. He has found that his depression isn’t as difficult to fight and that his MS has not progressed as quickly as it could have.

“Quitting smoking was the best thing I did for my health and I’m much stronger than I was,” Ken says. “The addiction had me crawling the streets looking for butts and fighting over public ashtrays. I hope my story can inspire many people to quit smoking!”

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