COPD LiveWell Program

The program works closely with the client and family physician:

  • To optimize management and improve the quality of life for COPD patients and their families.
  • To assist clients to take control of their COPD.
  • To manage their symptoms and decrease complications.
  • To help avoid emergency room visits and hospital admissions.
  • To design and implement a plan of action for each client. (improve their self-management)


Program Location: 
Royal University Hospital
Saskatchewan Health Authority
103 Hospital Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W8
Program Contact: 
306-655-LIVE (5483) or Toll-free 1-877-548-3898
Additional Program Information: 
Program Cost: 
Program Schedule: 
As determined by COPD Nurse Clinician.
Wait Period: 
Referral Process: 
Anyone can refer. Referal forms found here:
Referral Other: 
-Clients must have a confirmed COPD diagnosis -At RUH - Nursing Units can send an electronic referral -SCH, SPH & all other sites can fax referral form to 306-655-6758 -Clients who would benefit from this program are able to care for themselves and are mobile.
Program Other: 
The LiveWell COPD program partners with the Lung Association and also works closely with the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. The team includes COPD nurse clinicians, physical and exercise therapists, dietitians, the client’s family physician and respirologist (when indicated).
Supported languages: 
Chronic Bronchitis
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Program Offerings: 
determining patient's need to assist the health care provider to guide treatment and care
teaching lung disease managment skills.
Lung Testing
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An on-going exercise program with or without subervision of a health care provider.
Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
A breathing test that measures man lung function paramaters and includes spirometry. Usually done in a pulmonary function lab location in a hospital or clinic. 
Smoking Cessation
Counseling to help people quit smoking.
Types of Patients Accepted: 
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