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Dr. Nabeel Ghayur

McMaster University
2-year Fellowship Award

Supporting the career of a young researcher who is looking at natural plants to treat asthma

Having worked with natural and traditional healers in South Asia, Dr. Nabeel Ghayur has always been interested in the area of natural plant pharmacology.

Combining his experience with medicinal plants, Dr. Ghayur is looking into the airway relaxant activities of natural products and pure compounds found in Canada. Dr. Ghayur’s research on natural plant pharmacology is looking into new ways to treat asthma. 

"This study will have a direct impact on the lung health of all Canadians. It will help to identify traditionally used anti-asthmatic plants. We will test them for their activity, chemistry and safety so that their use can be reiterated back within the Canadian Aboriginal communities. This will also lead to identification of isolated anti-asthmatic pure constituents from those plants for possible future drug development.

"It gives me great pride to have been selected for this prestigious fellowship award. This award will go a long way in my career. This award will also help me to present my work, expertise and findings to a greater and specialized audience in the area of research I plan to specialize in," adds Dr. Ghayur.