COPD: New Report Highlights Benefits of Preventative Health Support

OTTAWA, ON - The Canadian Lung Association celebrates the efforts of The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) for their innovative approach to patient centric care and bringing attention to the benefits of patient education. Today, the collective released a Risk Analytica report, “Modelling the INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program” that identifies possible positive benefits from the implementation of INSPIRED program across Canada.

The INSPIRED program is based on INSPIRED-Halifax and is a proactive, hospital-to-home form of care support to patients living with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The program provides education to patients and family members of those living with COPD as part of a comprehensive action plan and self-management support that gives access to out-of-hospital clinical assessment and advice.

“This report – and the successes of INSPIRED – proves that proactive patient education benefits not only the patients, but our healthcare system as well,“ says Debra Lynkowski, CEO of Canadian Lung Association.

The report looks at possible health and cost benefits that pan-Canadian roll-out of the program, which includes significantly reduced visits to the ER and the healthcare costs associated with those. According to the report, the first five years of enrollment could prevent a total of $79 million in ER costs and $644 million in hospital costs Canada-wide.

“Emergency rooms should not be the only option for someone living with COPD. A program that helps to prevent these visits and help people with COPD manage their symptoms on an on-going basis is something we wholeheartedly endorse,” she adds.

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Page Last Updated: 21/06/2016