Acute Lung Injury/ARDS Projects

Applicant: Lacy, Paige
Title: The Role of Rac GTPases in Fibrotic Lung Injury
Institution: University of Alberta
Province: Alberta
Amount Awarded: $30,000
Applicant: Gill, Sean
Title: Role of TIMPs in pulmonary microvascular endothelial cell activation and dysfunction in lung injury
Institution: Western University
Province: Ontario
Amount Awarded: $33,504
Applicant: Lalu, Manoj
Title: Mesenchymal stem cell exosomes as a novel therapy for acute lung injury
Institution: The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Province: Ontario
Amount Awarded: $47,188
Applicant: Winston, Brent
Title: Validation of metabolomics-defined ARDS endotypes
Institution: University of Calgary
Province: Alberta
Amount Awarded: $30,000