Air Quality Projects

Applicant: To, Teresa
Title: The Impact of Air Pollution on the Progression of Asthma to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (ACOS) in Women
Institution: The hospital for Sick Children
Province: Ontario
Amount Awarded: $50,000
Applicant: Henderson, Sarah
Title: The respiratory and cardiovascular risks associated with sub-daily exposure to forest fire smoke
Institution: BC Centre for Disease Control
Province: British Columbia
Amount Awarded: $50,000
Applicant: Carlsten, Christopher
Title: A novel approach to characterizing the human airway responses to complex environmental exposures
Institution: UBC Department of Medicine – VCHRI
Province: British Columbia
Amount Awarded: $50,000
Applicant: Dupré, Denis
Title: Effects of Volatile Organic Compounds on Airway Reactivity and G Protein Coupled Receptor
Institution: Dalhousie University
Province: Nova Scotia
Amount Awarded: $3,290
Applicant: Ellis, Anne
Title: Allergic and respiratory outcomes of the Kingston allergy birth cohort (KABC) - The interplay between epigenetics, outdoor air pollution and environmental chemicals
Institution: Queen University
Province: Ontario
Amount Awarded: $44,829