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Life as a Quit Coach: Melissa’s Story

Every time you call the QuitNow phone line, type a question into Live Chat or even interact on Facebook, an amazing, qualified Quit Coach is there to help you, support your quit, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Melissa is one of those Coaches. Melissa’s Story Melissa has four years Quit Coach experience under her belt and it shows. A certified addictions counsellor with a

QuitNow in the Community: Health Promoter Louise P.

At QuitNow, we offer free one-on-one quit coaching, personalized quit planning, daily motivation, and community support to help British Columbians quit smoking. To spread the word about our services, we rely on our team of regional health promoters – including Louise. A passion for healthy living A committed public health champion, Louise works in the Interior Health region. Her career began in

Stronger than before: Ken’s Story

Before he made the decision to quit, Ken had been a steadfast smoker since the tender age of five. Having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and chronic depression, he knew at age 39 that a change was necessary to improve both his physical and mental health. By using nicotine replacement therapy such as the patch and gum, drinking water and avoiding known triggers, Ken slowly but surely weaned

The long drive home: Fern’s Story

After 35 years of smoking, Fern made the commitment to quit smoking for good. Motivated by health issues, including a bad heart, she knew that she had to curb her addiction if she wanted to live a long and healthy life. “l am so proud of my husband and l for doing the best thing for our lives and our health,” Fern said. “It’s been over eight years and l am still smoke-free! My life has never been

Breathing: the greatest thing for hipsters since return of vinyl

Breathing is not merely a life-sustaining process that powers the body and brain. For hipsters everywhere, this process is the most valuable of life functions altogether because the various elements make them who they are. Many of the benefits might be too obscure even for true hipsters to spot, but The Lung Association is here to help shed light on the benefits of breathing in the life of a

Dancing her way to a smoke-free life: Charmaine’s Story

At QuitNow, we highlight the importance of the 4 D’s – drinking water, deep breathing, distracting yourself, and delaying to help combat cravings. Charmaine from Kamloops used distraction – in the form of freestyle dance. This is her story. On August 1, 2012, Charmaine decided to quit smoking for good. Simple tasks like climbing stairs or swimming were becoming harder for her, and she sensed that

Breathing Towards Victory: How Olympians Use their Lungs

As the Olympic torch arrives in Rio, elite athletes will get ready for performances of a lifetime. During the days that follow, we will hold our breath as we watch our athletes perform, exhale with relief as the athletes finish a feat and shout in exhilaration as medals are hung around the necks. But as we breathe together with our athletes, our athletes breathe even deeper. Elite athletes must

Season’s Sneezings : April showers bring May flowers

For most people, spring time is a time of the year when we shed winter coats and breathe in the long-forgotten smells of budding flowers and trees. But almost a quarter of Canadians suffers from allergies in the spring that make this time of the year difficult to enjoy. Jaimie Peters is a Registered Nurse and Certified Respiratory Educator with the Canadian Lung Association’s Helpline. She shares

Love at first breath

Every May, we take a moment to appreciate the mothers in our lives. One of the first miracles of motherhood begins even before the baby is born. Let’s think of everything that is programmed to happen as the baby takes her first breath. The lungs of a fetus are at the ready, but benched for action during pregnancy. So, the puzzle is: how does a fetus get oxygen while bypassing its lungs? First, let

Got milk; need answers: New research looks at breast milk in asthma prevention

Imagine a nutritional food source that gives your baby exactly what she needs, when she needs it. Breast milk is just that. It provides your baby with nutrients, helps fight off infections and changes as the baby’s needs change. And yet, it might have even more benefits than that. Dr. Meghan Azad is a Winnipeg-based researcher and a recipient of Canadian Respiratory Research Network ERLI award