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It's never too late to quit smoking

Quitting is worth it. You're worth it. 

Smoke-free curious?

Start here if you're wondering about the health, financial and other benefits of quitting.

Learn more about going smoke free for good

The benefits of quitting

Your body will begin to benefit from quitting smoking in as little as eight hours, and the benefits will continue for years!

What happens to your body after you quit smoking

7 tips to help you quit

It's not easy to quit smoking, but there are many tips and sources of support to help you on your quit journey.


7 tips to help you quit

Managing your withdrawal symptoms

No matter how bad your withdrawal symptoms may feel, know that they won’t last forever. Withdrawal symptoms usually become less noticeable after the first four or five days.

How to manage withdrawal symptoms

Helping a friend quit smoking

A good support system is important to help smokers get through withdrawal symptoms and stay motivated about their choice to quit smoking for good.

How to be a quit buddy

Advice from a smoking cessation counsellor