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How to talk to your child about vaping

Learning more about vaping and its consequences can help you have an honest and informed conversation with your child — helping your child make informed and healthy decisions about vaping.


Tips for talking with your child about vaping

Use these tips and suggestions for before, during and after you talk with your child.
They provide a good a framework for having a productive conversation about vaping.

Before your talk |  During your talk  |  After your talk


Know the facts

Misinformation about vaping is everywhere. Many children don’t know just how harmful vaping can be. Knowing the facts about vaping and its consequences can help you have an informed and productive discussion with your child.

Answers to frequently asked questions about vaping  |  Three common vaping myths explained


Is it worth it?

The costs and consequences of vaping

How vaping affects health and wellbeing  |  The financial, social and environmental consequences of vaping


A new kid on the block

Nicotine pouches are the latest product from Big Tobacco that can lead to nicotine addiction in children — and they’re even more accessible than vaping products.

What you should know about nicotine pouches