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We love third-party fundraising events!

Not only do third-party fundraising events generate financial support for our research initiatives and programs, but they also help raise awareness of our mission and work and connect us with people from across Canada who have been affected by lung disease.

Older woman with arm around husband, both smiling, posing on golf course with golf cart in background


Third-party fundraising events

A third-party fundraising event (or TPFE) is an event organized by an individual, group or organization who is NOT affiliated with the Canadian Lung Association (CLA), for the purpose of raising funds for (or on behalf of) CLA.

Third-party fundraising events are an important source of donations and support for the Canadian Lung Association. This guide will provide you with ideas and tips for running your event from start to finish. You can reach out to us during any stage if you have any questions that this guide does not answer.

What (or who) is your WHY?

Think about WHY you are raising money for the Canadian Lung Association. Sharing the personal story behind WHY this cause is important to you and your community can go a long way to inspire donations and support!