Plain packaging to become a reality in Canada

Ottawa, ON - Today we celebrate World No Tobacco Day, a day hosted by World Health Organization to recognize the adverse role tobacco plays in the health of the public. This year’s theme is: Get Ready for Plain Packaging. Plain and standardized packaging aims to limit the attractiveness of tobacco products, restrict use of tobacco packaging as a promotional platform, limit misleading packaging and labelling, and increase the effectiveness of health warnings. These measures would reduce the appeal of tobacco to youth and adults alike.

The Canadian Lung Association welcomes today’s announcement from Health Minister Jane Philpott of public consultation on plain packaging that would help guide future legislation.

“We are proud and excited to be working towards a future that shows tobacco products for what they are, which is a health risk,” says Debra Lynkowski, CEO of The Canadian Lung Association.

Plain and standardized packaging helps to reduce the attractiveness of tobacco products. It restricts tobacco advertising and promotion and increases the effectiveness of health warnings.

 “Today’s announcement further strengthens our resolve to continue to fight, so they all Canadians can breathe with ease,” Ms. Lynkowski adds.

What is plain and standardized packaging?

Plain and standardized packaging of tobacco products eliminates the use of logos, colours, branded images and promotion information on packaging. These standards would ensure that all packaging is uniform and it includes the same standard colour and font style. The packaging will continue to display the graphic health warnings.

Plain Packaging Worldwide

Canada would follow in the footsteps of Australia, which adopted plain and standardized packaging legislation in 2012, and the UK and France, which adopted plain and standardized packaging measures earlier this May.

For more information about the progress of plain and standardized packaging measures worldwide, read the International Overview by The Canadian Cancer Society. To participate in the public consultation, visit

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Page Last Updated: 31/05/2016