The Lung Association presents prestigious award

Ottawa, ON – Working on saving Canadians’ lungs takes a lot of heart. It takes more than skill, education and experience to truly shine in a non-profit organization. It also takes the ability to take on many roles, willingness to grow and creativity. All done with a smile and attitude that make your colleagues happy to reach out.

The Lung Association is proud to recognize these qualities in one of its own. Debbie Smith exemplifies the spirit, dedication and enthusiasm that have been integral to The Lung Association since its inception more than 100 years ago.

Smith was recently presented with the Alan J.McFarlane Staff Award that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of staff across Canada.

“Debbie has been with The Lung Association for 15 years in a number of roles and has consistently impressed all of her peers and colleagues,” says Terry Dean, CEO and President of the Lung Association – National.

“I’m a firm believer that people are our greatest asset. And I believe that what changes a person from a co-worker to a friend is her passion and selfless desire to truly contribute to our overall mission. And Debbie has that in spades.

“She’s a truly inspirational staff person and a friend and I’m proud to have worked with her.”

Debbie Smith will be retiring from The Lung Association this fall to follow her dream of hiking El Camino in Spain. 

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Page Last Updated: 10/08/2017