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5 Things you can do this Valentine’s Day to show your lungs some love

Valentine’s Day is upon us and with it the hordes of chocolates, cards and flowers. But we want to challenge you to celebrate a little differently.

  1. Stretch it out. Go to a yoga class to celebrate your lungs. Deep breathing has proven itself to be a great way to exercise your lungs. This not only helps to reduce stress, it helps to increase your lung capacity.
  2. Laugh it up. Go to a comedy show. Laughter may not be the best medicine if you have a broken leg, but it’s certainly a great way to show your lungs some love.
  3. Laughter makes your exhalations more effective. When you laugh, your lungs are rid of stale air and more oxygen can enter. This is because laughter helps to expand alveoli in your lungs. These are tiny air sack – of which there are about 300 to 500 million! Expanding these means that the area for oxygen exchange is bigger and more oxygen enters your lungs. For more information about lungs & laughter, visit .
  4. Treat yourself. Buy yourself a new scarf. It’s time to #treatyourself. New scarf serves dual purpose: firstly, you have an excuse to freshen up your winter outfit and secondly, you protect your neck and respiratory system from the cold. Your lungs will thank you.
  5. Clean up your act. Once again, it’s time to give yourself something nice. This time around, take a look around your store for better-for-you cleaning products that don’t fill your home with unwanted chemicals. Invest into ones that are less toxic for the environment. Bypass the cheap options and instead look into more natural solutions. You can also make your own to save on costs and keep your lungs happy. This is a long-term gift for your lungs. For guidance on how to pick the best ones or how to make your own visit .
  6. Song & Dance. Exercise is generally good for your lungs as it helps to strengthen your lung muscles and increase your lung capacity. And dancing is no exception! Singing is not only a great way to celebrate your lungs, but it is also helps with your breathing. A little song and dance is also likely to lift your spirits and reduce stress.
  7. As with any exercise, if you have a lung disease, be aware of your triggers and possible limitations. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with your doctor.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, friends, family or by yourself, take some time to show some love to the organ that’s responsible for your laughter, your singing and your ability to explore the world. Show some love to your lungs that help you breathe in life.