Season’s Sneezings : April showers bring May flowers

By Jaimie Peters on 2016-05-16

For most people, spring time is a time of the year when we shed winter coats and breathe in the long-forgotten smells of budding flowers and trees. But almost a quarter of Canadians suffers from allergies in the spring that make this time of the year difficult to enjoy.

Jaimie Peters is a Registered Nurse and Certified Respiratory Educator with the Canadian Lung Association’s Helpline. She shares her tips on dealing with seasonal allergies.


What causes springtime allergies?

Sleep Apnea in People Age 65 & Older

By Jaimie Peters on 2013-05-08

Poor sleep is NOT a consequence of aging.  Sleep disorders go untreated because not enough doctors ask about sleep and people figure it’s because they are ‘getting old’.  According to a StatsCan 2008 Canadian Survey of Experiences with Primary Health Care among people age 65 and older, 73% live with a chronic disease: 32% of those have one chronic disease, 24% have two and 17% have three or more.  Unfortunately, this survey did not include questions about sleep or sleep apnea.  If sleep apnea had been included, the number of people with chronic diseases would have been higher, but the numbe