Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: The top five questions (and answers) from The Lung Association’s Lung Health Helpline

By Amy Henderson on 2015-11-18

1. I’ve just been diagnosed with COPD. What does that mean?

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. It is largely caused by smoking, but it can also be caused by second-hand smoke, toxins in the environment that you breathe in, and genetics.

COPD develops over time. In most cases, it is diagnosed in people over 40 years of age. Someone with COPD may not realize they are becoming more short of breath until it becomes very hard to do simple tasks like walking up stairs.

5 minutes with Dr. Chris Carlsten

By Carlynn Ferguson-King on 2015-11-10


What’s the focus of your research?

Our research focuses on the relationship between air pollution and public health. We look at how pollution particles affect the way genes are expressed in the body. One of our most recent studies demonstrated how two hours of exposure to diesel exhaust fumes can lead to fundamental health-related changes in biology by switching some genes on, while switching others off.

Rosalind’s story: I knew I could quit for weeks at a time… however I always ended up being drawn back to smoking

By Tracey Jirak on 2015-09-29

As a social smoker for over 35 years, I always assumed quitting was something I could do any time I wanted.

I knew I could quit for weeks at a time while traveling, and while I was pregnant I quit for 2 years, however I always ended up being drawn back to smoking.

Darcy’s Story: At age 54 I was diagnosed with IPF, and would need a lung transplant to survive

By Carlynn Ferguson-King on 2015-09-04

Darcy Murdoch has played many roles in his life as an entertainer. An average encounter finds him effortlessly riffling between two of his alter egos, crooner Bobby Bacchus, and the King himself, Elvis Presley. But no role has challenged him more than that of patient.