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Partnering with Health Professionals

Through our medical societies, the Canadian Thoracic Society and the Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals, we help strengthen our research capacity and move knowledge into practice so that Canadians can benefit more quickly from the latest research on respiratory diseases.

We provide health professionals with access to training on best practices in chronic lung disease diagnosis, care and management and lend our support to local and regional lung health education and professional workshop initiatives. We develop and encourage the implementation of clinical practice guidelines for respiratory care.

Together, we fund research and provide educational and training opportunities for doctors and health professionals to increase their knowledge and skills in treating lung diseases.

Jan Neumann, certified respiratory educator

Jan Neumann, CRE, CAE
Vice-president of Professional Education
The Lung Association of Saskatchewan

Kelly Ablog-Morrant

Kelly Ablog-Morrant
Director, Health Education & Program Services
British Columbia Lung Association