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How to use the Diskus®

Watch a video on how to use a Diskus.

  1. Take the Diskus® out of the foil wrapper. Once the foil wrapper is opened the Diskus® must be used within two months.
  2. Hold the Diskus® level with one hand.
  3. Place the thumb of the other hand on the thumb grip.
  4. Push your thumb away from you until the Diskus® clicks. This will open the Diskus® so you can see the mouthpiece.
  5. Hold the Diskus® level and slide the lever away from you until the Diskus® clicks. This will load the medication. Keep the Diskus® level so you don't loose the medication. Hold the Diskus® level and away from your mouth and gently breathe out. Never exhale into to Diskus®.
  6. Seal your lips around the mouthpiece.
  7. Inhale rapidly and deeply. Continue to take a full, deep breath.
  8. Hold your breath for up to ten seconds. This allows the medication time to deposit in the airways.
  9. Breathe normally.
  10. Close the Diskus® by placing your thumb on the thump grip. Pull your thumb toward you until the discus clicks. The mouthpiece will be hidden and the lever will be reset.
  11. Rinse your mouth out with water and spit the water out (don't swallow it). Rinsing your mouth can cut down on some side effects, like a white coating on your tongue (a yeast infection called thrush) or a sore throat.

How to Tell When the Diskus® Is Empty

The Diskus® has a dose indicator on the top of the device. Numbers on the dose indicator shows how many doses are left in the diskus®.
When there are five doses left in the Diskus® the numbers on the dose indicator will turn red. This means the Diskus® is almost empty.
When the red number is at 0 the Diskus® is empty. Start using a new Diskus®.

How to Care for Your Diskus®:

Keep the Diskus® closed when not in use. Keep the diskus® dry. The Diskus® does not need to be cleaned routinely. If the mouthpiece is dirty, wipe it with a cloth.