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The Kayla Baker Research Award

One of our newest research awards is the Kayla Baker Research Award established to honour the vision of a young lung transplant patient. Kayla was diagnosed with the rare lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 11. She underwent lung transplant surgery in April 2013 but passed away eight months later.

The award, which will be developed with Kayla's family, will fund research in support of Kayla’s vision of improved care and quality of life for people affected by lung disease, particularly lung transplant patients.
"Creating a research award in my daughter’s name just seems like a wonderful way to remember Kayla and her strong commitment to lung health,” says Susan Tremblett, Kayla’s mother. “Knowing that she would be helping others – I know in my heart that she would be honoured."

To increase funding for lung health research, The Canadian Lung Association is launching a five-year fundraising campaign to raise $10 million. For more information, visit the Breathing As One campaign site.