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Members of the Tobacco Endgame Cabinet

Owen Adams, Ph.D.
Chief Policy Advisor
Canadian Medical Association

Neil E. Collishaw
Research Director
Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada

Rob Cunningham
Senior Policy Analyst,
Canadian Cancer Society

Elizabeth Eisenhauer OC MD FRCPC
Professor Emerita
Queen’s University

Amy Henderson
Associate Director, Public Policy and Mission
The Canadian Lung Association

Lesley James
Senior Manager, Policy
Heart & Stroke

Stephanie Lawrence
Senior Manager, Policy
Heart & Stroke

Andrew Pipe, CM, MD, LLD(Hon),
DSc(Hon), FRCPSC(Hon)

Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
Division of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Robert Schwartz, PhD
Executive Director, Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
Head, Strategy Design & Evaluation Initiative
Senior Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Director, U of T Collaborative Specialization in Public Health Policy
Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation University of Toronto