Christmas Seals: Give the Gift of Breath

Pretty up your cards and gifts, raise awareness of lung disease, and support lung health. What’s not to like? Donate to Christmas Seals today and be part of a tradition that dates back to 1908.

For generations, Canadians have supported The Lung Association through the annual Christmas Seal campaign. In the beginning, the funds were used to combat tuberculosis, the most deadly disease of the time. Today, the Christmas Seal campaign means The Lung Association is able to help Canadians who struggle every day with many lung diseases, like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer, and also highlight the dangers of environmental factors such as radon and air pollution.  

“Christmas Seals are a symbol of hope for the one in five Canadians who live with lung disease,” says Debra Lynkowski, president and CEO of The Lung Association. “They are a legacy of how far we have come on the journey to lung health, and they point to a future free of lung disease. Every year, we are honoured by the generosity of Canadians from across the country who use Christmas Seals to show their support for lung health.”

This year, give the gift of breath. Celebrate your lungs by donating to Christmas Seals. Because when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

About Lung Month
November is national Lung Month. During Lung Month, The Lung Association is asking Canadians to think about breathing and what it means to have good lung health. Across Canada, The Lung Association works to save lives and prevent and improve lung health through research, advocacy, education and support.

About The Lung Association
Established in 1900, The Lung Association is one of Canada's oldest and most respected health charities, and the leading national organization for science-based information, research, education, support programs and advocacy on lung heath issues.

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Page Last Updated: 30/11/2015