The Lung Association: Plain and standardized packaging a key measure towards a future free of tobacco

MAY 1, 2019, OTTAWA, ON - The Canadian Lung Association applauds Health Canada for its strong commitment to plain and standardized tobacco packaging. The regulations, first proposed last June, are finalized and will place Canada among global leaders in tobacco control. The introduction of plain and standardized packaging is a vital part of the federal tobacco strategy, launched in May 2018, which commits to decreasing tobacco prevalence to less than 5 per cent of the population by 2035.

“We are appreciative of the leadership that the Minister of Health, the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor is showing in this area,” says Terry Dean, President and CEO, the Canadian Lung Association. “The new plain and standardized tobacco packaging regulations will give us, and more importantly, Canadians, an effective shield against this dangerous addiction. Tobacco has no place in the future we want for Canadians. Tobacco products should not be seen as appealing or harmless in any way and we applaud the government for its efforts in curbing such false perceptions through the new regulations.”

The new plain and standardized packaging regulations will be the most comprehensive in the world. These new regulations will take away the tobacco industry’s important remaining form of advertising through packaging as well as the product shape. The regulations will standardize tobacco packaging to a ‘slide and shell’ format, and standardize package colours and fonts. Additionally, cigarette size will be regulated to eliminate slim and super slim cigarettes from the market. Health warnings will gain further prominence under the new regulations as well.

Tobacco currently kills more than 45,000 Canadians annually and the new regulations are essential in protecting future generations from tobacco addiction and preventable lung disease.

“Tobacco is still the number one cause of preventable disease and death in Canada and that is unacceptable. Taking away tobacco industry’s ability to advertise and market its products through attractive packaging is certainly a key measure in the right direction and we are in support of that,” Dean adds.

“Tobacco, including e-cigarettes, is something that requires our attention, focus and action to truly become a country where tobacco no longer takes years and lives from Canadians. The new regulations are essential and we look forward to continued efforts on this front.”

The implementation will begin in stages. Implementation of certain elements of the regulations will begin as early as this November and continue through the next three years.  For more information about our tobacco advocacy efforts, visit For complete list of regulations, visit Health Canada.


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