New vaping marketing restrictions a good start: The Canadian Lung Association

Ottawa, ON – The Canadian Lung Association supports The Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health’s, announcement of regulatory measures that would further restrict vaping advertisements in order to help address the youth vaping crisis.

“We’re certainly pleased to see this announcement to limit vaping advertisements and promotions in places where youth are present,” says Terry Dean, president and CEO, The Canadian Lung Association. “We would like to see these regulations go further and include a complete ban of advertising of vapour products on radio and television.”

While The Lung Association recognizes Health Canada’s commitment and efforts, it maintains that there need to be further dramatic measures in Canada to curb youth vaping use. Some of the other important changes that The Lung Association is advocating for include regulations of flavours – in particular ones that are highly appealing to the youth demographic, as well as curtailing retail store availability to adult-only specialty vape stores. There should also be a minimum provincial age of 21 for both e-cigarettes and tobacco. Additionally, The Lung Association supports more educational resources to be made available for schools, parents and youth

“The bottom line is that vaping is introducing nicotine products to youth. Sadly, these are often youth who would have otherwise never reached for a cigarette,” Dean adds.

“We would like to see the Government adopt and strengthen these new regulations as soon as possible . The measures are a critical step in addressing youth vaping rates.”

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Page Last Updated: 05/02/2019