November Is Lung Month

Lung Month with Red Scarfs

Every day we breathe 22,000 times. Most of us never stop to think about our breath. But for those who struggle to breathe, it is all that matters.   

This November, the Lung Association is rallying Canadians to help fund new breakthrough research so  no one will have to struggle to breathe.

Canada has some of the best respiratory researchers in the world, but falls short when it comes to investments in research, technology and treatment, all of which are critically underfunded.

The Lung Association’s Breathing as One campaign wants to fill that gap. With lung cancer now killing more Canadians than breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancers combined, and with Canada having some of the highest rates of asthma in the world, there has never been a clearer need or a better time for this important new initiative.

“We need to radically change the way we think about breathing—how we enable it, how we safeguard it and the treatment therapies we use,” says Dr. John Granton, National Chair of the Breathing as One campaign. “Lack of funds means less research and fewer chances of new discoveries in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.”

This November, The Lung Association encourages everyone across the country to talk about the importance of lung health and learn about the struggles facing the one in five Canadians who can’t breathe with ease.

There are many ways to get involved:

About the Canadian Lung Association
Established in 1900, The Lung Association is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected health charities, and the leading national organization for science-based information, research, education, support programs and advocacy on lung health issues.

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