Reaction: The Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare report

Today marks a momentous day for all Canadians who have struggled to afford medications. The Canadian Lung Association is pleased with the report released by Dr. Eric Hoskins, Chair of the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare. A universal pharmacare program with the public payer as the first payer will enable all Canadians to access the medication that they need. We are appreciative and supportive of the recommendations highlighted within the report.

We know that patients’ voices have been critical in the development of these recommendations and we applaud their engagement.

We hope that the voices of Canadians with lung disease will continue to guide the process that will lead to the development and implementation of National Pharmacare in Canada. Access to medication is relevant to all Canadians; the progress of this monumental change should not and cannot be hindered or thwarted by politics.

We are hopeful that all political parties will recognize the degree of importance of this issue and will address it during the upcoming federal election. This cannot be delayed any further.

We will continue to advocate for all Canadians with lung disease and ensure that their voices are heard in upcoming discussions.

Terry Dean

President and CEO

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Page Last Updated: 13/06/2019