Response: Ontario Lung Association Departure

After decades of fruitful collaboration, which began in 1945, the Ontario Lung Association is leaving the Canadian Lung Association. The Canadian Lung Association is the leading national non-profit organization with a focus on lung health. With more than a century of exceptional experience, we are well-poised to continue delivering on our mission Canada-wide.

We want to assure all of our supporters, donors and volunteers that despite Ontario Lung Association’s withdrawal from the federation, our commitment to the lung health of Canadians – including Ontarians – remains unchanged. 

We have and will continue to prioritize the lung health of all Canadians by continuing to fight for better policies, funding life-saving research and providing reliable lung health information, developed in cooperation with our colleagues at the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS). We are a national organization that prides itself on delivering accurate, evidence-based information to Canadians. We are proud to work with Canada’s and–indeed −the world’s leading respiratory experts and will continue to do so to ensure that Canadians have access to reliable, evidence-based information to help them breathe easier. We will continue to work with with the CTS as valued preferred partners, to ensure all of our health information resources remain accurate and in line with the most current Canadian guidelines. This includes disease areas such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, lung cancer and a host of other diseases.

We will also continue to be the leading experts fighting for federal changes to vaping regulations and protecting our youth; ensuring that all Canadians have access to medication and care regardless of financial ability or location; ensuring that tobacco control remains a priority and air pollution control is addressed.  Lastly, we will continue to represent Canada on a global scale in matters related to lung health.

The Canadian Lung Association is grateful for the trust and support that we have received from Canadians during the past 120 years of our existence and we thank you for your on-going friendship. Since our founding in 1900, we have successfully advocated for many policies that made breathing easier for Canadians everywhere. These include countrywide advancements in prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, implementation of policies that made smoking on planes illegal, public health campaigns that led to a drastic decrease in smoking rates among Canadians and funded globally renowned research.

The Ontario Lung Association has been a valuable member and contributor to our successes in Ontario for the past 74 years. We appreciate the contributions Ontario researchers have made to the greater good of all Canadians and will continue to fund their efforts. 

The Ontario-centred charity will move forward under a new name.  

The Canadian Lung Association’s mission is ensuring that all Canadians are able to breathe with ease. The burden of lung diseases continues to grow and we welcome anyone who will help our collective efforts to make Canada an easier place to breathe in. We wish our colleagues from the Ontario Lung Association success in their new venture.

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Page Last Updated: 24/01/2020