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Air Freshener

Air fresheners are advertised widely across Canada as the best solution to eliminate unpleasant odours. These are products that are made to prevent offending smells from being noticed by people. In fact, air fresheners only add to the various substances found in the home's air and should not be used to remove odours.


  • If your bathroom has a lingering odour, find and remove the source of the odour (e.g. wet carpet, mouldy shower curtain).
  • To freshen the air in your bathroom, try a natural alternative by using a potpourri of cloves, cinnamon, and anise seeds.
  • Open the window or use the bathroom fan to help reduce any odours.

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Did You Know

Many new pieces of furniture (such as particleboard or fibreboard) as well as freshly dry cleaned clothes may release odours into the air adding to indoor air pollution. It's called off-gassing.