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Child's Bedroom

Stuffed Toys

Does your child have a lot of stuffed toys or other items that collect dust? There are many things in the bedroom that can harbour dust and dust mites including stuffed toys, carpeting, drapes and stored items.

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Are you allergic to cats or dogs? If so, you should find a new loving home for your pet. Until you are able to do so, keep the pet out of the bedroom.

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Air Cleaner

Do you use an air cleaner in your child's bedroom? Check the need for this device before purchasing one. If necessary, be sure to choose a proper air cleaner and change the filters as recommended in order to maximize its effect.

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Keeping a smoke-free home is one of the most important steps to ensure a child's health. Smoke in the home increases a child's risk of asthma attacks, pneumonia, bronchitis, colds and ear infections.

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Children's Furniture

Does your child's room have furniture made of veneers and pressed wood products (particleboard, fibreboard)? These can give off chemicals (called off-gassing) which can stay around for a long time, although they do decrease over time.

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Did You Know

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