5 Gifts to give during the 2020 holiday season

This year has arguably been more deserving than any other of joy, gifts and celebrations to wrap up the year. The year 2020 has seen many people gasping for breath in literal and figurative sense. However, this Christmas and holiday season will be different. We may not all get to see the people we would like to see, but we can celebrate in a different way. Here are some ideas for gifts that let us all get back to the Dickensian meaning of Christmas: health, joy, charity, caring and happiness.

Getting ready for back to school 2020

September Spike can be a challenging time of the year for parents of all children with asthma. This year, that challenge is even greater due to COVID-19. What may add to the stress even more is that there are still many uncertainties and unknowns. Some parents will send their children back to school, while others will participate in online learning.

Likewise, not all children will be required to wear a face mask. It’s a challenging time, but we are here to help.

From the Lab: How The Canadian Lung Association helped me become the researcher and scientist I strive to be

Growing up in a farming family in a small village in Northeast Iran taught me from an early age the value of hard work, problem solving from a big-picture perspective, to take initiative and leaving things better than how I found them. Developing new lung cancer therapies is my version of saving the world. Though there have been frustrations and disappointments along the way, I know the countless hours spent in the lab are making a net positive change in this world.

Why hospice is nothing to fear

By Marketa Stastna on 2020-01-22

End of life is a difficult topic to discuss among many cultures within Canada.

It is a taboo subject that is often avoided for fear of the unknown. Palliative care – and/or hospice care – is something that can strike fear into the hearts of loved ones. It can feel too final to comprehend. It is with mixed emotions that caregivers agree to move their loved one to a hospice care facility. 

Radon: Test now and breathe easy

By Barb McKinnon on 2019-01-11

November is Radon Action Month, which means you may hear about this silent killer more than usual in the coming days.

Many people have heard of the gas but it is still hiding in the shadows. Given that it is the second leading cause of lung cancer (first is tobacco), we think that more needs to be known about what it is and how to prevent it.

A look back in history

Meet Dr. Mehtar: A Pediatrician who is helping children with asthma one breath at a time

What is asthma?

Asthma is a chronic (life-long) disease that makes your lungs very sensitive and makes it hard to breathe. Asthma can’t be cured, but with proper treatment, people with asthma can lead normal, active lives.

Why is it important for a child’s asthma to be managed?

Asthma is the most common lung disease in children and one of the leading causes of school absences. Without access to diagnostic testing and treatment to manage the disease, asthma can reduce a child’s quality of life and can also be life-threatening.