Guest post by Dawn Dawson: A mom who knows too well that every breath matters

By Dawn Dawson on 2012-07-12

My name is Dawn Dawson and my son Zachary Dawson had asthma.  He was diagnosed and hospitalized in Calgary at the childrens hospital at age 16 months.  He had suffered since birth with coughing, a lot of puking of the ‘stuff’ from his lungs.  Once he was diagnosed, we were able to provide a better quality of life for Zachary.  We moved back to Saskatoon when Zachary was 2 years old.

Snapshot on Lung Cancer

By Danni Morhart on Nov 22, 2018

My name is Danni Morhart, and I am a nursing student in my final year at the University of Saskatchewan.  I wanted to write this blog to share with others because I have seen first-hand how devastating lung cancer is, as I lost both my mother and grandmother to the disease.  Through my work at the Lung Association I have been able to access a great deal of credible information about lung cancer from experts who have worked and studied this terrible disease. This has fueled my passion for the prevention of lung cancer. I hope the information in this article is useful. 

Running for the love of lungs

By Marketa Stastna on 2018-09-26

When Mike Irwin was 49 years old, he received shocking news that explained the difficulties he had breathing. His diagnosis of bronchiestasis in 2010 started a 5-year journey of lost breath, doctors’ visits and surgeries.

 “I just kept getting sicker and sicker and it was a struggle to get through the day. And nothing seemed to work. I had more than one bronchoscopy,” Mike said. Two years after his diagnosis, Mike had his first procedure.

Marijuana: What are the lung health risks?

By Marketa Stastna on 2018-07-25

The legalization of cannabis has been permeating Canadian conversations for couple of years. Now, it seems that the future of legal cannabis is just around the corner. The main thing we know about cannabis is there are many questions that have yet to be answered. The Lung Association is working to ensure more research is done on the long term effects of cannabis.

Many of the harms can be associated with smoking cannabis as evidence suggests that frequent cannabis use can lead to chronic bronchitis later in life. The best thing to do if you want to use cannabis is not to smoke it.

Spring clean your air

By Marketa Stastna on 2018-04-03

Spring is a great opportunity to clean out our closets, revisit resolutions that may have been forgotten and give your lungs a breath of fresh air. This April, add air quality to your spring cleaning list and take a moment to make your surroundings better for your lungs. Trust us – they will thank you.